Travel Smart, Not Hard

Do you know those type of travelers who only visit tour agencies, go to the most mainstream vacations, take photos by the pool and eat in all inclusive? Yes, those type of people. For them, comfort food is everything. They still go to hang out in shopping malls, don’t leave hotel rooms and sign up for excursions. That’s cool, everyone wants a lazy vacation every once in a while. But if you do that all the time, you are in danger of missing fun and every country will look the same for you because you hang out with a bunch of tourists, go to the same old destinations, eat English-oriented cuisine, and there is nothing original and authentic in that type of travelling. Want to know how to change it? Here are some corrections you want to imply when travelling abroad. Traveling is a good way to meet ukrainian ladies for marriage!

  • Don’t go to travel agencies. If you don’t want to pay overprice and have everything planned for you, have some extra time and learn how to book everything yourself. Agencies charge you extra for using their help, while it is so easy to look for cheaper tickets and find your own accommodation. Here are some sites that might help you: – look for cheaper tickets with or without transits. The system will look for a cheapest option to a destination right now. It is also excellent that you can visit some unexpected countries between flights. Ticket costs star from 30 euros. That’s a steal for sure! – an international site to look for hotels, flats and houses yourself. Now you can rent a flat from a native speaker and have a rest from native speakers. These are cool people that are always ready to help you find restaurants, sightseeing and underground places in their town. Also, reviews are always real, while many hotels buy their reviews and disappoint foreigners.

  • Use Google translator to talk to native people. If you really want to emerge into the culture, don’t stick to a group of tourists who go to excursions and go to pizza places. Instead, use Google translator and learn a couple of phrases. That way you can not only learn a new language, but pay homage to the country you are visiting.
  • Don’t go to restaurants with English menus only!!! If you want to try international cuisine, don’t go to the places in the most crowded quarters. You will eat the same food you eat at home. Comfort food is great if you feel homesick during a first couple days. But then it’s the time to go out of your comfort zone. Be sure to find a great place, using Trip Advisor. If you see lots of native people at the restaurants, that’s a good sign that today you will broaden your culinary horizons.

Rent cars, bikes and use all travel facilities of the town you are visiting. Taxis abroad are not only expensive, they are pointless. In some countries, drivers charge twice of thrice more if they see that you’re a foreigner! Use what natives use. If you see that most people are going to bike sharing spots, download an app and use bikes to enjoy every moment of your outside adventures. Use metro stations and, most importantly, walk! Walking is the best way to stop and take a photo of the most marvelous sights in the city!