First Time Abroad Or Things You Should Never Forget About Travelling

Leaving your country and seeing the world for the first time is really exciting, it doesn’t matter whether you are twelve or fiftyfive.It’s also a good reason to dating women from Ukraine. For those who have never been abroad, it is not embarrassing to not know how to pack, what is or isn’t allowed to bring to the airport. Standing in lines for checking in is and not knowing where to go is completely okay, either.

First of all, of course, you are all filled up with positive emotions and trepidation. Second of all, travelling may cause major anxiety, and even fear. Will I be able to find accommodation in a new country? Do they speak English? How will I be able to communicate in public transport? What to do not to overpack? Here are some tips to make your journey pleasant and unforgettable!

  • Border control

First thing that can throw you off is when services check up your documents at border control. It would be foul if you’d missed some documents and skip your trip? But worry not! In fact, you only need to have a complete set of documents necessary for border control (a passport, return tickets, hotel reservations or contacts of those you plan to stay with, and medical insurance), be able to clearly state the purpose of your visit, as well as the minimum amount of money required to stay in a particular country (in cash or on a card). Absolutely anyone can request this, and it does not depend on whether this is your first or tenth trip. And, of course, be calm when you pass though border control desk. There is nothing to be afraid of, and unnecessary excitement can only provoke border guards for additional verification.

  • Pack your clothes wisely. If it is your first trip and you decided to buy cheaper tickets, having extra luggage will cost you extra money. Even a low-cost ticket can cost you 30$ more if you have your stuff sent to a luggage compartment. Some low-cost tickets include the fair for an additional luggage. Advanced travelers don’t pack big suitcases, they take a bag or a spacious backpack where they tend to compress thousands of T-shirts and other small stuff. They only have tickets with luggage on the way bag. How else can you travel all these presents and sweets all the way to your country? These are the things you sure don’t need to pack: a flat iron, an electric razor, a stack of clothes for choice, sharp things, blender, yoga matt. People like to think through all the possible variations. But when you travel a lot, you realize that a toothbrush can be purchased at a local store for cheap, your hair will be cute without a flat iron, you actually don’t need tons of clothes and makeup on a hot beach vacation.
  • Check what liquids you can bring to a plane. Purchase a travel kit with little dispensers and small containers to put your cream, foundation or fragrances. Bringing scissors and nail files, together with 0,5l micellar water is not only unnecessary, it’s simply dangerous. If you don’t want your stuff to be thrown away at the airport, don’t bring it at all. It’s tragic to see all of your makeup and antique scissors going to trash in front of your eyes. Every company has a set of requirements of what you can and cannot bring to the plane. Or pay extra to pack all of it to the luggage compartment.
  • Don’t wear metal gear to security control. We can’t stress enough how annoying that is to have a person in front of you, standing in the line with all of their belts, earrings and metal chains, taking them off one by one for a pissed off security control worker. Your plane clothes should be…plain. They need to be comfortable. And not annoying to the people around you.