6 original destinations for honeymoon

The essence of a honeymoon is to open new horizons and start a life together in some incredible place. This special time is meant to be unique, adventurous, calm and romantic.

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The places we will show you here are meant to create memories that will last forever.

Our planet offers many places that are perfect for romance. Sky islands, mesmerizing cultures, snowy landscapes or thrilling adventures – the options are numerous and quite challenging. So if you want to spend an unforgettable honeymoon and are wondering where to go, consider these top destinations:


This trip is not suitable for couples that want to relax on the sunny beach all day long. But no seaside resort will give you the experience you can expect on your honeymoon trip to Iceland. 

There are oceans, glaciers, mountains, plains, volcanoes, lakes, and animals that walk freely at arm’s length! It is worth traveling around this country on your own – it is best to rent a car.


Bali or the “Island of the Gods” is all about romance. Indonesia’s heavenly islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean are blessed with pristine beaches, misty mountains, hot springs, rice paddies, ancient temples, a vibrant art scene, and water sports. All these blessings are made for a dreamy honeymoon. 

An intriguing blend of culture and unsurpassed natural beauty makes it synonymous with warm memories. Enjoy the bliss of true timeless Indonesian charm while staying at private villas overlooking the crystal clear waters.


Exploring Scandinavia is an unusual and really great idea for where to spend your honeymoon. We recommend paying attention to Denmark. 

It is a perfect country for couples that love exciting excursions and fun activities. In Denmark, you will find cool amusement parks, visit the famous LegoLand, museums of modern art and ancient castles.

The Faroe Islands deserve special attention among those who wish to take away and enjoy nature. The landscapes here are picturesque and even fantastic!


Few honeymoon destinations offer experiences like you will find in Thailand. From tropical islands like Phuket and Krabi to culturally rich cities like Bangkok and Chiang Rai, this country easily combines adventure and relaxation. 

Thailand’s stunning natural beauty has long attracted honeymooners. It has endless soft, white sandy beaches, electric blue waters and some of the best sunsets in the world.

New Zealand

Honeymooning in New Zealand is a rare pleasure. Bliss is the only word that can actually describe the pleasures the country has to offer. It’s like you are in a fairy tale: snowy peaks lead to lush rainforests, mountains catch the ocean in spectacular fjords, and rows of vineyards lead down to the beaches of turquoise waters and fresh breeze. Incredible outdoor activities are perfect for adrenaline junkies: here you can try snorkeling, bungee jumping, trekking, etc. 

Also, the country is known for great fine wines and delicious food. Music festivals and events are held throughout the year. So it’s a great destination for active honeymooners.


Albania is an unbelievably beautiful region near the Adriatic and Ionian seas. Historically, this country was closed to the tourist world for a long time. 

Today Albania pleases its guests with affordable prices, delicious treats, and rich culture. Here you can sunbathe on the beaches, or you can take a leisurely stroll and observe the enchanting landscapes. This is an excellent place for a relaxing holiday for newlyweds.